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Snowdrop Bulbs

The view of snowdrop bulbs poking up through the snow-covered ground is one of the first signs that spring is on its way. These hardy plants require little attention, as our snowdrops for sale are among the easiest plants to grow. You can't go wrong adding these early blooming flowers to your garden or landscaping.

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When the winter season begins to wind down and warmer weather is on the horizon, these gorgeous, white early bloomers start to emerge. One of the first flowers to appear in the garden, Snowdrops can sometimes be seen pushing up through the snow-covered landscape toward the end of January. Plant snowdrop bulbs for rich, green foliage that delivers a pop of bright color to the area, followed by either single or double blooms of frosty white. Snowdrop bulbs are strong and hardy, returning yearly with vigor. Petite at 6 inches tall, Snowdrops make outstanding ground cover, as well as the ideal complement to more colorful early bloomers like crocus or hellebores.

How to Plant and Care for Snowdrop Bulbs

Snowdrop bulbs should be planted about 4" deep and spaced 2-3" apart. For best results, plant in groups of at least 25 bulbs. Water well to settle the soil. Snowdrops enjoy moist, humus-rich soil in sun to partial shade. Do not fertilize. Leave snowdrop bulbs undisturbed and they will naturalize happily without being divided. You will find that snowdrops grow best in Hardiness Zones 3-9.

When Should You Plant Snowdrop Bulbs?

Snowdrop bulbs should be planted in the fall, ideally between September and December, before the first frost of the season. This timing allows the bulbs to establish a strong root system before winter sets in. Choose a location with well-draining soil and partial shade, as snowdrops prefer cool and moist conditions. With proper care, snowdrops will bloom in late winter or early spring, bringing a welcome burst of color to the garden.
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