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We offer the most breathtaking and easy-to-grow Trillium bulbs for your garden! Our Trillium varieties are ideal for shade borders, rock gardens, and wooded growing locations. They'll draw plenty of admiration from all visitors, like neighbors or butterflies. Shop K. van Bourgondien's selection of Trillium for sale.

Trillium Plants for Sale from K. van Bourgondien

Trilliums are a treasured woodland classic to come across in shaded areas such as rock gardens, wooded sites and darkened borders. This wildflower, native to the United States, is easily identified by its tri-petaled blooms and attractive mottled foliage. Trilliums come in a range of colors for any garden design.

Trillium Plant Care Tips

When to plant Trillium?

Plant trillium roots in fall before the ground has frozen.

How to plant Trillium?

Plant trillium so that the top of the root is 1" below the soil line. Water well after planting.

Where to plant Trillium?

Trilliums are best grown in a moist, shady, woodland garden setting in zones 4-8.
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