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Searching for unique summer perennials? Liatris, commonly known as blazing stars, make the perfect addition to any flower garden or landscaped area with its vertical contrast and bushy features. Shop our selection of liatris for sale today.

What Are Liatris Flowers?

Liatris flowers, commonly known as blazing stars, are stately and highly ornamental plants that produce tall flower spikes that bloom from top to bottom in tiny florets of either bright purple or snowy white. The liatris plant makes a gorgeous mass planting in full sun to part shade sites and it is a very versatile flower. These sun perennials look amazing wherever they are planted, from a formal English-type garden to a rustic cottage garden. As a bonus, the liatris flowers attract plenty of beneficial pollinators to the landscape, which only adds to this perennial's charm.

How to Plant Liatris Corms

Growing liatris is very easy. A native to the eastern United States, this perennial can handle a wide range of conditions. Liatris grows best in fertile, sandy, well-drained soil where it receives full sun to partial shade.

Plant liatris corms (often referred to as liatris bulbs) in the spring. The corms should be planted 1-2" deep and spaced 12-18" apart. After planting, water well. Liatris flowers usually bloom about 90 days after planting.

Liatris plants can be grow in masses and also are ideal for prairie areas, sunny perennial borders, rain gardens and cottage gardens. Liatris can be planted with other sun perennials, including ornamental grasses.
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