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Flower Bulb Collections & Mixes

Consider one of our many special bulb collections or mixes when choosing flowers for your garden design. Each assortment has been carefully blended with color, size, and bloom time in mind to ensure a gorgeous landscape display. Elevate your outdoor space today with our selections and create a breathtaking showcase.

Bulb Collections & Mixes from K. van Bourgondien

K. van Bourgondien's bulb collections and mixes are assortments of various flower bulbs, thoughtfully combined to create stunning and diverse displays in your garden. These collections typically include a variety of bulb types, colors, sizes, and bloom times, providing a dynamic and beautiful landscape. By choosing a bulb collection, you can enjoy a vibrant and ever-changing garden throughout the seasons as different flowers bloom at different times. These flower bulb mixes and collections take the guesswork out of planning and offer a convenient way to add a pop of color and charm to your outdoor space effortlessly.

Tips for Choosing a Flower Bulb Collection

Choosing the right flower bulb collection can transform your garden into a vibrant tapestry of colors and textures. When selecting your bulbs, consider the following tips:
  1. Extend the Blooming Season: Choose bulbs with a variety of bloom times to enjoy a continuous display of flowers from early spring to late fall.
  2. Match Bulbs to Soil Conditions: Select bulbs that thrive in your specific soil type and drainage conditions.
  3. Create a Cohesive Color Palette: Choose bulbs that complement each other for a visually pleasing garden.
  4. Select Animal-Resistant Bulbs: Protect your bulbs from hungry critters by opting for deer-resistant varieties like daffodils and rodent-resistant options like allium.
  5. Bulb Quality: Select firm, healthy bulbs that are free from blemishes or mold. Larger bulbs generally produce larger, more impressive blooms.

Caring for Your Flower Mix & Collections

Caring for your flower mix & collections is essential to ensure they thrive and bring vibrant beauty to your garden. Here's a quick guide to keep your blossoms flourishing:
  • Watering: Provide consistent and deep watering, especially during the initial growth stages and hot, dry periods. Avoid overwatering, which can lead to root rot.
  • Weeding: Regularly remove weeds that compete with your flowers for nutrients and sunlight. Hand-pulling or using a hoe is effective for small areas, while larger infestations may require an herbicide.
  • Deadheading: Remove spent flower blooms (deadheading) to encourage continuous flowering and prevent seed production, which diverts energy away from bloom production.
  • Fertilizing: Supplement your flower mix with a balanced fertilizer during the growing season to provide essential nutrients for healthy growth and abundant blooms.
  • Winter Protection: In colder climates, protect tender bulbs and perennials from harsh winter conditions by applying a layer of mulch or bringing them indoors.
  • Pest and Disease Control: Monitor your flower mix for signs of pests or diseases. Use organic pest control methods whenever possible, and consult with your local nursery or extension office for specific recommendations.
  • Dividing and Replanting: Over time, some flower varieties may become overcrowded, affecting their health and blooming potential. Divide and replant these varieties to maintain vigor and prevent overcrowding.
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