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Bulk Dahlia Tubers

Dahlias are popular summer bloomers--and it's easy to see why. They have a long flowering period, make long-lasting cut flowers, are easy to grow in sunny gardens with well-drained soil, and come in a variety of colors and shapes. We offer bulk dahlias to add to your summer garden. Shop our selection today.

Bulk Dahlias from K. van Bourgondien

Dahlias bloom from summer until the first frost and are also absolutely stunning when planted en masse or grouped together in sunny borders. K. van Bourgondien's bulk dahlia landscaping specials are an economical way to create colorful, breath-taking flower displays. We offer truly spectacular varieties that are sure to please your clients and garden visitors.

Dahlia Flower Meaning and Symbolism

Native to Mexico and Central America, dahlias have long been treasured by florists and gardeners. While dahlias have many symbolic meanings, some of the most common are elegance, grace, positive change and commitment. It's a great flower to give to a loved one to show your lasting bond and lifelong commitment.

Types of Dahlias

With all of their colors and forms, it's no wonder that landscapers and gardeners love dahlias. When incorporating dahlias into the landscape, we recommend selecting the flower form first and then the color.
While our landscaping specials are only offered for Dinnerplate and Large Decorative Dahlias, K. van Bourgondien offers a wide variety of dahlias to choose from in our full selection of dahlias. Our most popular types of dahlias include:

  • Ball—The unique, orb-shaped flowers give gardens a more formal look.
  • Dinnerplate—The huge flowers make these some of our most popular dahlias.The blooms can span up to 10" across—so one flower can fill a vase.
  • Cactus—If you want to create a whimsical feel in the garden, the spiky blooms on these dahlias will do it.
  • Decorative—This category includes a wide variety of styles that'll add vivid color to gardens and cut-flower displays.
  • Karma—These dahlias were developed for the cut-flower market and have big flowers on strong, sturdy stems.
  • Mixed—If you want to create a long-lasting kaleidoscope effect, these perfectly balanced mixtures are a great choice.
  • How to Care for Dahlias

    Dahlias are fairly easy to grow, but they do require a few things.

    First, they need well-drained soil that's rich in organic matter and full sun (six or more hours of direct sunlight daily.)

    Second, they are tender perennials. This means that when you plant dahlia tubers in the spring, you should wait until the soil temperatures reach 60 degrees F. This is usually after your area's last spring frost date. If you want dahlia flowers sooner, you can start the dahlia tubers indoors about 4-6 weeks before the last spring frost date and then transplant them to the garden after all danger of frost has passed.

    Third, because most dahlias grow quite tall, you'll get a more beautiful flower display if you stake them. We also recommend deadheading, or removing the spent flowers after they bloom.

    For more dahlia growing tips, visit our dahlia planting and care guide.

    Browse our wide selection of dahlia landscaping specials to find the dahlias that'll brighten gardens and cut-flower displays.
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