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Wholesale perennials & bulbs for landscapers

Wholesale Plant Nursery for Landscapers - Bulbs & Perennials

Why Choose K. van Bourgondien for Landscape Flowers?

K. van Bourgondien offers quality product, low prices and great customer service

Buy Wholesale Plants for Volume Discounts

If you're planting large areas or multiple flower beds and desire a dramatic look around signage or in mass plantings, K. van Bourgondien is the obvious choice. All our premium bulbs and bareroots have the quality that landscapers have trusted for seven generations.

Before selecting wholesale perennials and bulbs, our gardening pros pay careful attention to different qualities: ease of care, long bloom times, ability to naturalize or perennialize, and much more. Best of all, we offer bulbs and bareroots with quantities and pricing that suit your high-volume needs. Explore our Landscaping Specials and order your favorite varieties to complete your design.

Buy Landscape Flowers in Bulk and Save

When buying in bulk from K. van Bourgondien, you can often save 60% to 80% over other garden retail sites.

See the difference for yourself when you shop and compare—you'll get more blooms for your budget with us.


Best Landscaping Flowers

Resources for Landscapers

Our website is loaded with tools and resources to support your landscaping project success!


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Best Bloomers

Best Bloomers for a Colorful Season

By midsummer, some flowers are in their showy season while others have faded away. To create a garden with blooms that last well into late summer, you need varieties that will flourish even under high-heat and drought conditions.Of course, a lot depends on where you live. So, when choosing plants, bulbs and tubers, always check to make... Read more

Deer Resistant

Deer Resistant Flowers for Landscapes

In many parts of the country, deer are quite literally the biggest pests in the garden. They'll nibble off flower heads or chomp on stems and woody plants. But, with the right plants, you can grow a gorgeous garden without the deer eating all of your hard work. The secret is planting deer resistant plants. ... Read more

How to Grow Peonies

How to Grow Peonies

Generations of gardeners have loved peonies--and with good reason. These low-maintenance perennials offer extravagant, elegant and fragrant flowers that bring joy to the garden and cut-flower arrangements in late spring to early summer. Their glossy, very ornamental foliage provides months of interest. They're ... Read more


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