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Shaded borders and darkened corners are the perfect sites for planting versatile astilbe. Fluffy flower spikes appear in summer and come in a variety of hues. Very easy to grow and maintain, astilbe create carefree displays where little else will thrive.

Perennial Astilbes for Sale from K. van Bourgondien

Astilbes add so much to shaded areas—from their colorful plumes that sway in the summer breeze to their fernlike foliage that adds texture. These deer-resistant perennials can be grown in containers—and they make showy cut flowers. At K. van Bourgondien, our garden team works to find astilbes that offer the best in flower color and garden performance. We offer astilbe varieties that you won't find at just any retail store—and our extensive collection of astilbe plants for sale makes it easy for landscapers and gardeners to fit astilbe into a range of color palettes and garden designs.

Choosing the Right Astilbe Plant

When selecting astilbes for sale, consider your space and your color preferences. Astilbes prefer shade or dappled sunlight and can range in height from 18-45 inches tall. Shorter astilbe plants look good massed near the fronts of borders while taller ones can be planted toward the middle and back of the garden. Next, consider your color preferences. You can buy astilbe in a range of flower colors including white, pink, purple, red and yellow hues.

When to Plant Astilbe Bulbs

Astilbe bareroots can be planted in the spring or the fall.

Where to Plant Astilbe

Astilbe plants are fairly easy to grow in zones 4-8. They prefer moist, well-drained soils, rich in organic matter, and partial to full shade. Although, they will also tolerate acidic, clay, loamy and sandy soils, as long it is moist, humus rich and well-drained. They are shade perennials and grow best where they will not receive direct afternoon sun, especially in warmer climates. They generally have few disease and insect problems.

How to Plant Astilbe Bulbs

Before planting astilbe, soak the astilbe roots in water for 30 minutes. Place the astilbe bareroot in the planting hole so that the top is even with the soil level. Plants should be spaced 18-24" apart. Water after planting.

How to Care for Astilbe

Astilbe have average water needs and do best when they receive about 1 inch of rainfall weekly during the growing season. Do not allow the plants to dry out. A layer of mulch will suppress weeds and provide winter protection.

How Long Do Astilbe Bloom For

Astilbes usually bloom for two to three weeks. Depending on the astilbe variety, the bloom time can be in early, mid or late summer. To prolong the bloom season, cut or deadhead the faded flower spikes.

How to Divide Astilbe

Astilbe can be divided in early spring or in the fall. Wait until the plants are at least three years old before dividing them. To divide astilbes, simply dig out the roots and separate the roots with a shovel. You can plant them in the same flower bed or a different flower bed. Dividing astilbe is good for the health of the plant and prevents overcrowding
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