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Species Tulips

Species Tulips are long-lived beauties ideal for rock gardens or the front of borders. These bulb mixes are delightful and the most perennial of all tulips. Shop our Species Tulips for sale today!
As a garden or landscape pro, you know the importance of offering your customers and clients something a little bit different for their garden displays. That is why we offer a range of distinctive Species Tulip bulbs in many varieties, each one sure to attract attention no matter where they are planted. Try these Species Tulips in your next design! Species Tulips come in an array of colors and the low-growing, exotically shaped blooms bring lots of flair to the early-spring landscape. The unique tulips are perfect for front borders or rustic rock gardens. Plant in groups for extra appeal. Species Tulips naturalize quite well, too.


What makes a Species Tulip different from other tulips?
Species Tulips are dainty tulips that grow low to the ground compared to regular tulips. Species tulips are known for naturalizing, coming back every year with more flowers.

How do you plant tulips?
Plant species tulip bulbs about 3" deep and 3" apart in well-drained soil. Plant tulip bulbs where they will get at least 5-6 hours of sun a day; full sun is preferable.

How do you take care of tulips?
Deadhead the plants as the flowers die off, but do not cut the leaves for at least six weeks after they stop growing. Allow the foliage to fade naturally as the leaves are making food for next year's flowers.
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