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Hardy Gladiolus Bulbs

Explore our selection of perennial Hardy Gladiolus bulbs for sale. Hardy Gladiolus, sometimes referred to as Gladiolus Nanus, are known for their beautiful spikes of colors and low maintenance requirements. Start your spring planting with our Gladiolus bulbs today.

When Should You Plant Hardy Gladiolus Bulbs?

Plant hardy gladiolus bulbs in the Spring after there is no danger of frost. This should occur when your soil is around 55°F. Gladiolus bulbs require full sun to grow so ensure you plant them in a sunny location that gets around 6-8 hours of direct sunlight.

How Do You Plant Hardy Gladiolus Bulbs?

Plant hardy gladiolus bulbs in a spot with well-drained soil. You can start by digging holes around 4-6 inches deep and space each bulb out by 6 inches. Water the plants thoroughly to help settle the soil and apply a balanced fertilizer to promote healthy growth.

How Hardy are Gladiolus Bulbs?

Unlike other gladiolus bulbs, Hardy Gladiolus bulbs are winter hardy in zones 5-10. In those areas, the bulbs can be left in the ground year-round, but in colder zones the bulbs should be dug up in the Fall and stored to be planted again in the following Spring.

How Long Does it Take for Hardy Gladiolus Bulbs to Bloom?

After properly planting your Gladiolus bulbs, it should take around 90 days for them to fully bloom. If timed correctly, they should bloom in the middle of summer with your other summer perennials, providing more color for your sunny garden.
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