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Fall Planting Flower Bulbs

Flower Bulbs

Fall Bulbs for Sale From K. van Bourgondien

For more than 175 years, K. van Bourgondien has supplied gardeners with high-quality, plump bulbs for fall planting. We offer a wide selection of fall flower bulbs for sale and have unique varieties that you won't find at most retail stores. You'll find dozens of varieties of tulips, daffodils, crocuses, hyacinths and more--and they're available at wholesale pricing. Our flower bulbs for sale are an economical way to plant lots of bulbs that will impress and delight when they burst into bloom in the spring.

Choosing the Right Fall Bulbs

While bulbs for fall planting are super-easy to grow, you'll get the best flower display if you do some pre-planning. Before shopping for fall flower bulbs for sale, make sure you have the right growing conditions for fall bulbs. Most require well-drained soil and full sun, or six or more hours of direct sunlight daily. However, some do well in partial shade. Next consider their bloom time. Some fall bulbs bloom in late winter, while others bloom in early summer. By selecting a variety of fall bulbs for sale, you can enjoy flowers for months. Finally take into account their height and flower color. If you're just getting started with fall bulbs or need a little inspiration, check out our blog on the Best Bulbs to Plant in Fall.

Grower's Guide to Flower Bulbs for Fall Planting

  • When to Plant Bulbs in Fall- Fall flower bulbs are planted in the fall, usually before regular frosts set in. This gives the bulbs plenty of time to establish their roots. However, flower bulbs can be planted in late fall if the ground isn't frozen or snow covered.

  • Where to Plant Fall Flower Bulbs - Fall flower bulbs are very versatile. Many can be grown in bulb beds, perennial beds, under trees, in naturalized areas and in containers. Because many bulbs bloom before deciduous trees leaf out, some can be planted under trees. All fall bulbs need well-drained soil, and most need full sunlight or partial shade. Bulbs look most impressive when planted in clusters or groups.

  • How to Plant Bulbs in Fall - Bulbs should be planted at a depth that is about three times the height of the bulb with the pointy end up. At the time of planting, we recommend fertilizing with an all-natural plant food like Van Bourgondien's 100% Natural Bulb Food. If the ground is dry, water the bulbs.

  • How to Care for Fall Bulbs - Bulbs for fall planting are very low maintenance. However, if you want blooms year after year, do not mow or trim the foliage after the flowers bloom. The foliage produces food for the bulb and next year's flowers. Let the foliage fade naturally. Many gardeners plant fall bulbs among perennials that will hide the fading foliage.
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