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Extravagant and elegant, peonies are a traditional favorite in both professional landscapes and home gardens. While peonies are slow starters--they often don't bloom until three years after planting--they are long-lived. Once they start flowering, peony plants are extremely long-lived, often thriving for generations, all the while producing abundant, full flowers with a lush fragrance. Buy peonies in quantity, choosing from a range of unique styles and colors, to create a floral hedge or single-variety garden planting. ... Read More »

Peonies for Sale From K. van Bourgondien

For more than 175 years, K. van Bourgondien has supplied gardeners with flowers that enhance gardens and landscapes. We offer a large selection of peony plants for sale, including unique styles and colors. Shop our peony bulbs for sale to find the perfect peonies to create a floral hedge or single-variety garden planting. Our peonies for sale include Itoh, herbaceous and tree peony varieties.

Peony Bulb Planting & Growing Tips

While peonies are very long-lived perennials, they don't like to be transplanted. Select a site that allows for them to grow to their mature height and spread, and also one with well-drained soil and plenty of sunlight. While peonies can be planted in the spring, it's best to plant them in the fall.

How Peony Bulbs are Shipped

K. van Bourgondien ships peonies as bare roots. When you receive your package, open it immediately. Before planting, soak the tubers in a bucket of water for 2-3 hours.

What Type of Soil Do Peonies Prefer?

Peonies prefer well-drained soil that is slightly acidic. Amending the soil with compost or well-rotted manure can improve drainage.

Where Should Peonies be Planted?

Peonies prefer full sun, or six or more hours of direct sunlight daily. In warmer climates, they may benefit from less afternoon sun. Space your peony plants 24-36 inches apart. Plant the fleshy roots so that the eyes are no more than 1-2" deep.

For more information on how to plant peonies, please read our blog on how to grow peonies.

How To Care For Peony Bulbs

After planting peony bulbs, water thoroughly. During the first year, water during dry spells and when they begin to bloom. Usually about 1 inch of rainfall weekly is adequate. While peonies aren't too fussy, they require staking to hold up the flowers. When the leaves emerge in the spring, place a support or cage around the plant.

When Do Peonies Bloom?

Depending on the variety, peonies generally bloom between late spring and late summer and are very long-lived, reliable perennials. However, they are slow starters. After planting, you may have to wait up to three years before they bloom.

Once your peonies begin blooming, deadhead the blooms to encourage additional flowering. If you notice ants on the flower buds, don't be alarmed; it's a symbiotic relationship and doesn't hurt the plant.

After your peonies bloom, make sure the peony plants are watered at least every two weeks. Although they tolerate dry spells, they'll produce better flowers in the coming year if they receive regular watering.

When To Cut Back On Peonies

In the fall, Itoh and herbaceous peonies may be pruned to 4-6 inches above the ground. Tree peonies should not be cut down. Instead, just lightly prune them to shape the plant.
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