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Double Begonias

Double begonias produce beautiful, double-layered flowers in a wide range of colors. They are popular among gardeners, landscapers and plant enthusiasts because of their attractive blooms, easy care requirements and versatility. K. van Bourgondien offers a broad selection of some of the best double begonia plants on the market. All are available at bulk-quantity pricing and backed by our No-Risk Guarantee.

Double Begonias for Sale From K. van Bourgondien

Any one of our lush double begonias not only make a desirable addition to any summer garden but also to any container display, offering twice the flower power of a single variety. Not only do they provide vibrant color, but they are also long flowering and very dependable, making them low-maintenance plants that will brighten up your space for months on end.

Double Begonia Care

We take great care to ensure that our double begonia plants are healthy and well-nurtured. We work with trusted growers who use sustainable growing practices, and our team inspects each plant to ensure it is disease-free and in excellent condition before it arrives at your door.

Whether you choose to plant your double begonias in pots or in your garden, they perform best in fertile, slightly acidic soil that drains well. You can create such growing media by combining standard potting soil with equal parts perlite and peat moss. If peat moss is not readily available, compost can also provide the necessary acidity and nutrition to the soil.

When Should You Plant Double Bloom Begonias?

The best time to plant double begonias is in the spring, after the danger of frost has passed and the soil has warmed up. This is typically between late March and early May, depending on your location.

Where Should You Plant Double Begonia Flowers?

For optimal growth of double begonia plants, a balance of both light and shade is recommended. Allowing them the opportunity to receive 2-3 hours of direct morning sunlight can help stimulate flower development.

Due to the delicate nature of its leaves, exposing double begonias to the bright midday sun should be avoided. We recommend placing them somewhere in the house or garden that is protected during the hottest part of the day. This also helps prevent flowers from fading.

Once the double begonias are established, they will require regular maintenance, including fertilization and deadheading to promote continuous blooming throughout the growing season. With proper care, double begonias can provide months of beautiful flowers and foliage, making them a great addition to any garden or landscape. Shop our double begonia plants and other spring-planted flowers, and add them to your garden!
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