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Dutch Iris Bulbs

The Dutch Iris (Iris hollandica) is a popular choice for gardeners looking to plant in the late spring. K. van Bourgondien is the best place to buy Dutch Iris bulbs, offering a wide variety of unique options. All our Dutch Iris bulbs are available at low prices to keep your garden looking beautiful without breaking the bank. Shop our selection of Dutch Irises today!

Elevate Your Garden with Dutch Iris Bulbs (Iris Hollandica)

With their uniquely delicate style and striking color palettes, Dutch Iris are among the most popular late-spring perennial plants in the garden. Flower lovers adore the lovely upright form and charming dropped falls, and garden pros love the range of colors available and carefree growth habits exhibited by these gorgeous cultivars. Perfect for sun-filled borders or beds, Dutch Iris are sure to win over your customers for years to come as these naturalizing flowers reliably return annually.

Planting Dutch Iris Bulbs

Dutch Irises grow 24" tall, bloom May - June, and are hardy in zones 4-9.

  • When to plant Dutch Iris—Typically, Dutch iris bulbs are planted in the fall. However, you can also plant them in the spring.
  • Where to plant Dutch Iris bulbs—Like other flower bulbs, Dutch iris prefer to be planted in well-drained average soil in a sunny to shaded location. Dutch Irises bloom better when planted in full sun.
  • How to plant Dutch Iris bulbs—Plant Dutch Iris bulbs in the fall 4" deep and 3-6" apart. For greater impact, plant several bulbs in a single area.
  • How to care for Dutch Iris—They do best when allowed to form thick clumps over 3-5 years. After that, flowering will diminish, and you'll want to divide your Dutch iris bulbs.
  • When to transplant Dutch Iris—You can transplant the bulbs while they are dormant, which is typically in the fall.
  • How to divide Dutch Iris—In the fall, once the foliage has died back, and the bulbs are considered dormant, dig up the Dutch iris bulbs. Inspect the bulbs, separate the viable bulbs and replant them in a new location. Discard any damaged bulbs.
  • What to do with Dutch Iris after they bloom—After Dutch irises bloom, allow the foliage to die back naturally. This allows the bulb to get the nutrients from the foliage to bloom again the following year.

  • For more information on planting and growing Dutch Iris bulbs, check out our in-depth guide to Irises: How To Plant, Grow and Care For Irises
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