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Dahlias for Sale from K. van Bourgondien

K. van Bourgondien has a long history of offering high-quality, reliable bloomers at a fair price—and that's one reason our dahlia selection is so impressive. We offer dozens of varieties, including many you won't find at most retail stores, that will happily bloom from summer to frost. Our dahlia tubers are of the finest quality: large, free of nicks or cuts, and ready to be planted in well-drained soil and to thrive in a sunny spot in your garden.

Which Dahlia Bulbs Should I Buy?

Because dahlias are available in a variety of forms and colors, it's easy to find ones that fit your gardening style. We suggest selecting the form first, then choosing the color. Here are the categories to choose from:

  • Ball: Their unique, orb-shaped blooms have a more formal look.
  • Dinnerplate: Their huge flowers—up to 10-inches across—create a spectacular look in the garden and are equally impressive in a vase.
  • Cactus: Spiky blooms give gardens a whimsical feel.
  • Decorative: Variety of styles allows you to give your garden a personal look.
  • Karma: Developed for the cut-flower market, these big flowers on strong stems are showstoppers in the garden too.
  • Mixed: These perfectly balanced mixtures provide a kaleidoscope effect.

  • Grower's Guide to Dahlia Bulbs

    Dahlias are favorites for the summer garden because they are easy to grow and provide weeks, and sometimes months, of colorful blooms. They're also favorites for cut flower displays. To get the most out of your dahlias, follow these tips on how to plant dahlia tubers.

    When to Plant Dahlias

    Dahlia tubers are planted in the spring after the last spring frost date in your area. In more northern regions of the country, dahlias are sometimes started indoors and transplanted to the garden after danger of frost has passed.

    Where to Plant Dahlias

    Dahlias grow best when planted in full sun (six or more hours of direct sunlight daily), and the best soil for dahlias is well-drained and rich in organic matter. When planting dahlias tubers, take into account their mature height and spread.

    How to Plant Dahlias

    To determine the dahlia planting depth, dig a hole that is twice as deep as the length of the dahlia tuber. Add dahlia fertilizer (Van Bourgondien 100% Natural Bulb Food is recommended) to the bottom of each hole. Cover the tuber with about 1 ½ inches of soil. Water well. After the dahlia sprouts appear above ground, water weekly. Dahlias should be staked or caged while still small.

    How to Grow and Care For Dahlias

    For the most part, dahlias are fairly trouble free. Some gardeners pinch and deadhead for improved production, but dahlias will produce flowers without taking these steps. Deer will often choose other plants first before nibbling on dahlia shoots. Some pests to watch out for include slugs, mites and aphids. Powdery mildew may become a problem in the fall. For more detailed information on dahlia flower care, visit our How to Grow Dahlias page. It offers dahlia growing tips from our gardening pros.

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