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Bulk Gladiolus Bulbs

Add vertical interest and long-lasting color to your summer landscape and floral arrangements with bulk gladiolus bulbs. The swordlike foliage and tall flower spikes make gladiolus ideal for the back of a sunny border. To enjoy blooms for many weeks, plant gladiolus bulbs at two-week intervals from early spring until the end of June. Glads are easy to grow, requiring only full sun and good drainage. Shop our bulk gladiolus bulbs for sale today.

Gladiolus Bulbs in Bulk from K. van Bourgondien

Some of the most popular cut flowers available, gladiolus add stately good looks and plenty of colorful flair to cutting gardens, back borders, along a fence line and foundation plantings. These tall, summer bloomers look best when planted in groups—and that's why bulk gladiolus are some of K. van Bourgondien's top offerings.

We offer a wide selection of varieties in our spring landscaping specials, so you are sure to find gladiolus that fit your color palette. Buying in bulk from K. van Bourgondien is an economical way to create a beautiful display with top-quality varieties.

When planning for gladiolus in garden displays and landscapes, keep in mind that, because of their statuesque form and bloom-heavy stalks, they often require staking. Gladiolus are easy to grow and prolific, producing enough blooms to enjoy indoors and out. Buy gladiolus bulbs in bulk for your next landscape or garden-design project, then sit back and wait for the complements to come pouring in.

Types of Gladiolus

When selecting gladiolus for beds and borders, choose from three categories:

  • Hybrid Gladiolus—Growing 3-4 ft. tall, and sometimes taller, these flowers add height and vertical interest to foundation plantings and fence lines. About 10-12 florets, up to 4 in. wide, open along the sturdy stem. Large plantings of these in the back of mixed perennial beds give a charming, cottage garden look. As cut flowers, they make stylish bouquets and bold arrangements.
  • Glamini Gladiolus—Shorter than their classic cousins, these gladiolus grow about 24 inches tall and produce stunning, tubular flowers along straight, strong stalks. Because they are shorter, they don't require staking, and they are suitable for container gardening.
  • Mixed Gladiolus—These mixtures may be of classic hybrid gladiolus or the petite Glamini gladiolus. Our garden pros save you the worry and work by carefully selecting the colors for these mixtures. You can count a beautifully balanced display.
  • How to Care for Gladiolus Flowers

    When growing gladiolus, keep a few things in mind. First, they are sun lovers and require full sun (six or more hours of direct sunlight daily) and well-drained soil. Second, they are not cold hardy. Plant gladiolus bulbs (corms) in the spring after the danger of frost has passed.

    Gladiolus are relatively easy care. However, the standard-sized gladiolus often require staking while the more petite Gemini gladiolus do not.

    If you live in zones 3-7, then the bulbs, or corms, should be dug up, or lifted, in the fall, and the corms should be stored in a cool place indoors and replanted in the spring.

    For more information, visit our page on tips on growing and caring for gladiolus.

    . Browse our wide selection of bulk gladiolus landscaping specials to find the gladiolus that'll add flair to your landscapes and cut-flower displays.
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