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Elephant Ears

Elephant Ears are perfect for areas of your landscape with speckled sunlight or partial shade. Also known as Alocasia or Colocasia, the lush plants feature tremendous leaves that resemble the ears of great pachyderms. They make a statement whether planted in the ground or in patio pots. Offer both of these Elephant Ear varieties to customers who crave a touch of the tropics in their backyard.

Elephant Ears for Sale

Containers come alive with near-Jurassic jungle style with the addition of Elephant Ears. These massive tropical plants, also known as Alocasia or Colocasia, are grown primarily for their foliage and are perfect for partially shaded sites on patios, porches, or decks. The difference between Alocasia and Colocasia is that Alocasia foliage points upward while Colocasia points down. Also, Colocasia prefers wet sites and can tolerate standing water, while Alocasia grows better in well-drained soil. We offer a wide variety of Elephant Ears for sale at wholesale prices. From giant elephant ears for sale to the smaller Colocasia Mojito, these flower bulbs are popular amongst our customers who crave a touch of the tropics in their backyard.

How do you plant Elephant Ears?

Elephant Ears are tender plants and should not be planted outdoors until all danger of frost has passed. Some gardeners start the bulbs indoors in the spring and transplant them to the garden after danger of frost has passed. To plant Elephant Ears, dig a hole about 6 inches deep. Place the tuber pointy side up. The top of the tuber should be about 1 inch below the surface. Cover with soil and tamp down. Water well.

What to plant with Elephant Ears?

Elephant Ears can be planted with other foliage plants like ferns, coleus and caladiums. For a pop of color, considering planting with begonias.

When do Elephant Ears bloom?

Depending on the growing conditions, Elephant Ears may bloom, most often from midsummer to frost.

How fast do Elephant Ears grow?

Some Elephant Ears grow 3-5 ft. per year. The growth rate is faster for Elephant Ears planted in the ground outdoors, and the growth rate varies depending on the variety and growing conditions.

How tall do Elephant Ears grow?

Elephant Ears can grow up to 8 ft. tall over the course of a few years. Elephant Ears in containers do not usually grow that tall. The height also depends on variety.

How to stake Elephant Ears?

Elephant Ears rarely require staking. However, if the stems become so large, they may benefit from support.

How to overwinter Elephant Ears?

In zones 9-10, the Elephant Ear tubers can be left in the ground over winter. In zones 3-8, the tuber must be lifted and brought indoors. If in containers, bring indoors in the fall. When grown indoors, the plants should have bright, indirect light, high humidity and moist soil.

Why are my Elephant Ears drooping?

Most often, the cause of drooping is overwatering or under watering. Other causes may be too much or too little fertilizer, low humidity or too much or too little light.
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