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Double Daffodils

With their packed rows of petals, double daffodils resemble romantic peonies or carnations. Add fragrance and bright color to your garden by planting in borders and in shady areas of your garden. Shop double daffodil varieties in different colors like white, yellow, pink, and more!
For a floral display that really wows, suggest a generous planting of lush, colorful Double Daffodils. Great for budget-conscious clients and garden enthusiasts, these Double Daffodil varieties come in a wide range of colors and forms. Let customers choose from luxuriant double narcissus types, multi-flowering varieties, or small-cupped daffs for a customized garden look they can be proud of planting. Mixtures make lovely borders in mid to late spring, while single-variety beds produce a more sophisticated showing. Either way, your customers choose to use them, our selection of fragrant double daffodils is the best way to exhibit a cheerful springtime motif for very little cost. Plus daffodils are deer resistant, too.


When do double daffodils bloom?
Double daffodils bloom in March or April, depending on the specific variety.

How do you plant daffodils?
Double daffodil bulbs are planted the same as regular daffodil bulbs. Plant daffodil bulbs about 6" deep and 4" apart in well-drained soil.

How do you take care of daffodils?
Cut or deadhead daffodil flowers after they fade. Allow the foliage to brown and fade as it will continue to absorb nutrients and create energy for next year's blooms for about six weeks after the flowers bloom. Do not cut the foliage during this time.
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