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Bulk Tulip Bulbs

Fall is when your gardening customers begin to look for spring-blooming bulbs like tulips to plant, already anticipating the wealth of color, beauty and elegance they will enjoy in the year to come. Tulips come in a variety of lovely shapes, colors, and sizes. Choose from our wide selection of bulk tulip bulbs to bring beauty and grace to your next landscaping project.

Landscaping Tulip Bulbs For Sale from K. van Bourgondien

Masses of blooming tulips in the springtime create a breath-taking sight—and K. van Bourgondien makes it easy and economical to create a unique look. We've been supplying gardeners with top-quality flower bulbs for over 175 years and offer a bulk tulip bulbs selection that you won't find at big box stores or chain garden centers. We've selected bulk tulip bulbs that perform reliably in landscapes and sell them at low, wholesale prices.

Choosing the Right Bulk Tulips

When selecting landscaping tulips, first consider their bloom times. Choose bulk tulips that bloom in early, mid or late season. By selecting a combination of wholesale tulip varieties with different bloom times, you can extend the tulip season for weeks, even months. Next, consider colors. Masses of bulk tulip bulbs in a single color can make a big impact. Blends of colors can add elegance to a garden. K. van Bourgondien's gardening pros have created bulk tulip blends and mixes that go beautifully together—and take the guesswork out of combining colors. Finally, consider flower form. Darwin Hybrid Tulips have the classic, egg-shaped tulip blooms while other tulips may have fringed petals or unique shapes. If planting near a walkway, these unique tulips entice garden visitors to stop and take a closer look.

Tulips in Bulk: Getting the Most out of Your Purchase

Bulk tulips are easy to grow and require little maintenance. The key is to select a proper site and to plant them correctly.
  • When to Plant Bulk Tulip Bulbs—Tulip bulbs are planted in the fall, when the weather cools and before the ground freezes. In many areas, this is in October and November.
  • Where to Plant Bulk Tulip Bulbs—Tulip bulbs, like other flower bulbs, need humus-rich, well-drained soil. They also prefer full sun and should be planted where they receive at least 5-6 hours of sunlight daily.
  • How Do You Plant Bulk Tulips—Bulk tulips can be planted in a garden bed or a trench. Dig the soil to a depth of 8-12" and work Van Bourgondien 100% Natural Bulb Food into the soil. Depending on the bulb size and variety, set the bulbs 4-8" deep and 4-8" apart. In the winter, after the ground has frozen, mulch with straw.
  • How to Grow Bulk Tulips—After the tulips flower in the spring, allow the foliage to die back naturally. Some tulips perform best their first year while many early-flowering species and Darwin Hybrid Tulips come back year after year.
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