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Plant fern roots generously to add beautiful hues of deep green color to moist, dark regions of the landscape you'd like to spruce up. Select from a wide range of sizes and styles for your wooded areas or shadowed beds. Browse our selection of fern rhizomes, and shop today!

Planting Ferns

Ferns are shade-loving perennials that need moisture and protection from direct rays of the sun to thrive. They do best in rich, loamy soil with good drainage. Diffused light is ideal, especially during the warmer months. A northern exposure that is protected from the wind often works well.

How To Plant Fern Roots

To plant fern roots, loosen the soil to a depth of 12" and amend the soil with organic material. For bareroot ferns, soak the fern rhizomes for about half an hour in cold to lukewarm water before planting. Place the ferns in the hole and cover with soil, making sure that the roots are covered with about 1" of soil. Space ferns 20-24" apart. Apply a layer of mulch and water well.

When To Plant Fern Roots

The best time to plant ferns is in the spring. However, ferns can also be planted successfully in the fall.

How Deep Are Fern Roots?

Ferns have fairly shallow root systems. Depending on their size, their roots may be a few inches deep.

Where Do Ferns Grow Best?

Ferns grow best in areas that receive less than four hours of direct sunlight daily. Avoid planting them where they receive direct afternoon sun. Ferns also prefer moist, well-drained soil. They're ideal for shade and woodland gardens.

Do Ferns Come Back Every Year?

Ferns are low-maintenance perennials that will come back year after year.

Do Ferns Have Tubers?

Ferns have a simple root system that's roots and rhizoids. Ferns do not have tubers.
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