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Large Cupped Daffodils

Large-cupped daffodil bulbs are easy to grow and are known for being bright and colorful. Large-cupped daffodils are perfect for rock gardens, borders, and woodland areas. Shop our collection of large-cupped daffodil bulbs today!
If you have been searching for dependable springtime color for your sunny garden beds or borders, consider planting large-cupped daffodil bulbs. No matter which variety you choose, you are sure to love the results when big, bright and beautiful blooms appear in the spring season. We are proud to offer a range of daffodil bulbs including tazetta, multi-flowering, double, jonquilla and split-corona types. We also boast a varied range of colors to complement any garden palette. Plant cultivars together in a mixed display or choose one variety and plant in groups. Either way, your property will glow with color and style in no time with large-cupped daffodils!


How do you plant large cupped daffodil bulbs?
Plant large-cupped daffodil bulbs about 6" deep and 4" apart in the fall.

How do you grow large-cupped daffodils?
Grow large-cupped daffodil bulbs in deep, fertile, well-drained soil in full sun to light shade. During their growth period, water the daffodil bulbs. After flowers bloom, let the foliage die back naturally. Once the foliage fades, cut it back.

What zone do large-cupped daffodils grow in?
Depending on the variety, large-cupped daffodils can grow in zones 4-9.
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