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Trumpet Daffodils

Trumpet Daffodils are great for naturalizing. They bloom at the beginning of spring and continue flowering well into mid-spring. Each Trumpet Daffodil bulb produces several large flowers with trumpets as long as or longer than the flower petals. Shop our selection today!
A spring season favorite of gardeners and garden pros alike, White and Yellow Trumpet Daffodils deliver big, big, big blooms in a range of delightful hues. They are perfect for stretching out the growing season so your clients and customers may enjoy even more lovely flowers than years before. Choose from an array of bright colors, each one an eye catcher in sun-filled borders, along a rustic rock garden or as a large mass planting where they really shine. All Trumpet Daffodil varieties are excellent naturalizers, dependably returning each year. Plus, Trumpet Daffodil bulbs are real money savers! They provide so much color, beauty and style at a very low cost. Merchandisers love them--and you will, too!


How do you plant trumpet daffodil bulbs?
Plant trumpet daffodil bulbs 6" deep and about 4" apart in the fall.

How do you grow Trumpet Daffodils?
Grow trumpet daffodil bulbs in deep, fertile, well-drained soil in full sun to light shade. During their growth period, water the daffodil bulbs. After flowers bloom, let the foliage die back naturally. Once the foliage fades, cut it back.

What kinds of plants or flowers pair well with yellow trumpet daffodils?
Trumpet daffodils can be planted with other flowers that bloom at the same time like crocus, tulips, muscari, or hyacinths.
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