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Amaryllis Bulbs

Amaryllis are some of the most popular flowers to display or gift to loved ones during the holiday season. Their brilliantly hued blooms and magnificent shape add an exotic flair to any home or garden, which makes Amaryllis the perfect bulb for the fall planting season. Shop our extensive selection of Amaryllis bulbs for sale today and enjoy their beauty for yourself.

Brighten Your Home with Beautiful Amaryllis Blooms

Our Amaryllis flowers are perfect for adding holiday cheer to any home setting. We have several beautiful varieties: from the red-colored Black Pearl to the white Mont Blanc and even the pink-hued Candy Floss amaryllis. Each Amaryllis bulbs can easily be forced indoors , making them perfect as a holiday gift for clients, family, and friends. Shop our long-lasting amaryllis, or hippeastrum, to add a colorful touch of style to any décor today!

When Is the Best Time to Buy & Plant Amaryllis Bulbs?

Amaryllis are the best to purchase before the winter months, as the bulbs will bloom about 6-8 weeks after planting. For Christmas blooms, plant the amaryllis bulbs around the end of October to early November; for Thanksgiving blooms, plant the bulbs around the beginning of October. To stagger planting and blooming, store Amaryllis bulbs at about 50°F.

How to Store Amaryllis Bulbs Before Planting

Store Amaryllis in a cool, dark place with no water or fertilizer until you are ready to plant them. The best places for the cool period are in the refrigerator (not the crisper drawer), basement or in a garage at about 50°F.

Can You Plant Amaryllis Bulbs Outside?

After the last frost date, you may plant amaryllis bulbs in your garden. Choose a sunny, well-drained location for your Amaryllis bulbs. Dig to a depth of 12-15" and enrich the soil with organic matter. Replace about 9" of soil and plant the bulbs 4-6" apart. In zones 9-10, plant bulbs only 1-2" deep. Amaryllis do not like to be disturbed once planted. They grow about 18" tall and are hardy in zones 8-10.

Caring for Amaryllis Bulbs

Amaryllis are a magnificent flower to display and brighten up any setting. For tips on how to care for them both indoors and outdoors, read our in depth guide: How to Care for Amaryllis.
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