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Bulk Hosta Bareroots

K. van Bourgondien takes pride in offering a diverse selection of shade-loving hosta varieties--each with its own unique coloration, size and form. If you want to buy hostas in bulk, our hosta landscaping specials offer some of the best-performing hostas. It's an economical way to create a shaded oasis with hostas.

Bulk Hostas from K. van Bourgondien

Hostas are some of the most versatile and useful shade perennials available. Prized for their foliage, they add color and texture to shaded areas. They can be used as a focal point in the garden or as a background for other perennials. Available in petite to giant sizes and in leaf colors ranging from blue-green, yellow-green and variegated, they can fit into many palettes and garden themes. They look stunning planted in masses and are often used as a ground cover. Hostas bloom in the summertime, and the flowers open above the foliage.

Hosta Varieties

When considering hostas for the landscape or gardening projects, many different types of hostas are available. We recommend considering both their foliage color and size.

Foliage Colors:

  • Blue-green—These hostas are great for creating a restful, peaceful feel in the garden. The blue colors in the foliage really come out when planted in full shade.
  • Green—Like other hostas, the green-leaved hostas are available in a range of sizes and leaf textures. They are great to use as transitions in the garden or in mixed perennial beds. They grow best in full to partial shade.
  • Yellow-green—These hostas are often used for brightening up shaded areas. Their leaf color lightens with a bit more sun. If planted in heavily shaded areas, their leaves tend to be greener. We like planting these with perennials that produce brightly colored flowers.
  • Variegated—These provide a lot of visual interest to shade gardens, but can be overwhelming if planted en masse. The leaves on those with a lot of white or cream variegation may burn if planted in too much sunlight.
  • Hosta Sizes:

  • Small—Sometimes called miniature or dwarf hostas, these perennials usually grow under 10 inches tall. Often they're used in container plantings, along walkways or in the front of flowerbeds.
  • Medium and Large—These usually grow between 10-28 inches tall. They're often used as ground cover or in mixed perennial beds.
  • Giant—These perennials usually grow over 28 inches tall and are most often used in the backs of perennial flower beds.
  • How to Care for Hosta Plants

    Hostas can be grown throughout much of the United States, and most are hardy in zones 3-8. Like many perennials, they require well-drained soil. They are shade perennials. While many hostas will tolerate direct morning sunlight, most don't like direct afternoon sunlight. Hostas can be planted in the spring or the fall.

    Hostas require regular watering and don't like long dry spells. Fertilizing once a year with Van Bourgondien 100% Natural Perennial Food is recommended.

    To keep your hostas looking tidy, deadhead the flowers after they bloom in the summertime.

    To find your easy-care, low-maintenance hostas, be sure to browse our complete hosta selection.
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