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Jonquilla Daffodils

Narcissus jonquilla (also known as jonquilla daffodils) are a beautiful, fragrant species with bright yellow petals that surround a small, flattened cup in the center of each flower. Shop our collection of jonquilla daffodil bulbs today.
A mass planting of dainty jonquilla daffodils in the landscape or garden is a sure sign that spring has sprung! Give your customers a range of colors, forms and styles to choose from with bulbs from K. van Bourgondien. Our diverse narcissus jonquilla selection includes fragrant varieties with multi-flowering habits, gorgeous hues of yellow, orange and white, as well as varying sizes--each one giving borders or mass plantings a vastly different look. Help customers plant a cottage-style garden bed by suggesting they mix several colors and forms together in a kaleidoscopic motif. For an elegant, designer-inspired effect, recommend a one-color or single-variety planting.


How to plant jonquilla daffodils?
Plant jonquilla daffodils 6" deep and about 4" apart in the fall.

How do you grow jonquilla daffodils?
Grow jonquilla daffodil bulbs in deep, fertile, well-drained soil in full sun to light shade. During their growth period, water the daffodil bulbs. After flowers bloom, let the foliage die back naturally. Once the foliage fades, cut it back.

What kinds of plants and flowers pair well with jonquilla daffodils?
Jonquilla daffodils can be planted with other flowers that bloom at the same time such as crocus, tulips, muscari, or hyacinths.
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