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Wholesale Bulb & Flower Distributor for Resellers

Wholesale Flower Distributor for Resellers

Why Choose K. van Bourgondien?

K. van Bourgondien offers quality product, low prices and great customer service

Performance and Variety

As a reseller, such as Cut Flower Farmers, Florists or Garden Centers, you want to offer your customers bulbs and bareroots that will perform—but also maintain your costs. That's why K. van Bourgondien is an obvious choice. All our premium bulbs and bareroots have the quality that resellers have trusted for seven generations.

Before choosing bulbs and perennials, our gardening pros pay careful attention to different qualities: ease of care, long bloom times, abilities to naturalize or perennialize and much more. Best of all, we offer bulbs and bareroots with quantities and pricing that suit your high-volume needs.

Huge Selection of Bulbs and Perennials

K. van Bourgondien offers bulbs and perennials that are unique as your customers. Whether they want reliable favorites or unusual, hard-to-find varieties, you can get them at K. van Bourgondien. You'll find all the bulbs and perennials you'll want for your retail offerings—and at pricing that suits your needs.


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Top Varieties for Resellers

Resources for Resellers

Our website is loaded with tools and resources to support your retailing success!

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Garden Journaling

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