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Ready to spruce up your garden? Explore our wide variety of Lycoris, commonly known as a spider lily. Their curling petals and bold colors add drama and a unique contrast to your landscape. If you're looking to plant flowers during late summer or early fall, shop our selection of Spider Lily bulbs today!

Lycoris for Sale from K. van Bourgondien

Extend the gardening season with beautiful, unique Lycoris from K. van Bourgondien. This flower is known for its strap-like foliage that disappears in July to make room for striking, brilliantly hued umbels that burst forth in August. Lycoris is fantastic in a three-season border and exceptional as a container plant, too!

How to Plant Spider Lily Bulbs

Plant spider lily bulbs in a location where they will receive 6 or more hours of direct sunlight daily and in well-drained soil. Space the bulbs about 6-8" apart and at a depth of 4-6" with the necks slightly above the surface. Water after planting. Mulch the bulbs lightly in late fall and do not disturb the bulbs after planting. During their period of dormancy in the summer, let the bulbs dry out.

When to Plant Spider Lily Bulbs

Plant lycoris bulbs when the days start to cool in late summer to early fall. In cooler grow zones, the bulbs can be lifted in the fall and replanted in the spring.

When to Transplant Spider Lily

Transplant spider lily bulbs in early fall, after the flowers have bloomed and the stalks start to fade.

How to Store Spider Lily Bulbs

After digging up bulbs, gently remove the soil around them and wrap them in newspaper. Lycoris bulbs can be stored in a dry spot indoors over winter.
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