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Deer Resistant Flowers

Deer Resistant

What are Deer Resistant Flowers?

Deer resistant plants are bulbs and perennials that deer usually will not eat, often because of the plant's texture, toxicity, taste or fragrance. No plant is 100 percent deer proof. While deer usually prefer tender, smooth plants, like hostas, daylilies, English ivy, fruits and clovers, they will eat deer resistant plants if they are hungry enough.

Deer Resistant Perennials and Bulbs from K. van Bourgondien

You can design colorful, elegant and breath-taking landscapes and gardens with deer resistant bulbs and perennials. Our horticulture experts have thoughtfully curated this selection of brightly hued, amazing plants, bulbs and tubers for those who may have the occasional deer or many deer pass through their gardens. The selection includes something for every type of garden—from informal cottage to formal gardens, and from sun-soaked areas to shaded gardens. Choose from foliage plants to plants that produce brilliant flowers. Our choices include tropical cannas, shade-loving astilbe, statuesque gladiolus, elegant iris, delightful peonies, and many more. With the range of colors and bloom times, you can enjoy a colorful garden for months.

Choosing the Right Deer Resistant Perennials or Bulbs

Selecting deer resistant perennials and bulbs for your garden involves much the same process as choosing other flowers. First, evaluate your site and pick plants that will grow in your hardiness zone and in the light the site provides, such as full sun, partial shade or full shade. Next consider the plant's mature height and spread. Finally select plants with the flower or foliage color that you desire. When selecting deer resistant flowers, take note of their bloom times. With a little planning, you can have flowers in bloom from spring to fall. Learn more about the different varieties you can choose from on our blog about deer resistant flowers.

Deer Resistant Flowers: Getting the Most Out of Your Purchase

For many gardeners, especially those living in the suburbs or near wooded areas, deer are a fact of life. Gardeners can spend much time, money and energy on their landscape and garden designs, and then see their efforts quickly ruined by just one or two hungry deer.

If deer frequently visit your neighborhood, you can reduce the likelihood of the deer turning your garden into a buffet table for deer by planting deer resistant bulbs and perennials. Some gardeners, depending on the deer pressure in their area, have had success interplanting deer resistant plants among their other bulbs and perennials, while others plant almost all deer resistant perennials and bulbs.

Even if planting deer resistant flowers, you must protect the young flowers and plants from deer when the plants are first establishing and have tender shoots. One way to do this is with deer repellents for plants.
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