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Iris Bulbs & Rhizomes

Gardeners are drawn to Irises for their beauty, and they are available in almost every color of the rainbow. K. van Bourgondien is the best place to buy Iris bulbs and rhizomes online, and we have a wide selection of Iris bulbs for sale that will transform your early summer landscapes. This late-spring blooming flower comes in many shapes and sizes and will not disappoint. If you're looking to buy Iris bulbs and rhizomes, check out our diverse selection today!

Take Your Garden to the Next Level with Iris Rhizomes & Iris Bulbs

At K. van Bourgondien, we believe gardening success starts with healthy, high-quality bulbs and the best flower varieties. For over 175 years, we've supplied gardeners and horticulture professionals with top-quality products from Holland and, in later years, the United States. We offer high-quality Iris bulbs for sale that will brighten up your garden. We guarantee that when you buy iris bulbs online from us, you can count on high-quality products.

Which Irises Should I Buy?

When choosing which iris bulbs to buy, consider their size, color, bloom times and where you'd like to plant them. Purple iris are the most popular color, but iris flowers are available in a wide range of colors. Japanese, Siberian and Louisiana iris are top choices for planting near streams and ponds. Siberian iris are the most cold hardy, and Louisiana iris are the best for warmer climates.

Selecting Irises by Flowering Season

You can extend the iris season by planting a variety of iris. When do irises bloom? Dwarf iris start the iris season when they bloom in early spring. They're followed by German iris (late spring), Dutch iris (late spring/early summer), Japanese iris (early summer), Siberian iris (early summer) and Louisiana iris (early to midsummer).

Getting Started with Iris Bulbs

Iris bulbs are low-maintenance and easy-care perennials. Most iris like full sun, though most can handle partial shade. Like most plants, they prefer well-drained soil. Japanese, Siberian and Louisiana iris are favorites for planting near water features, while German Iris are best for handling drier conditions and like good air circulation. Knowing when to plant iris bulbs and the best time to plant iris are keys to successfully growing iris.

Are Irises Easy to Grow?

Iris bulbs are generally considered to be relatively easy to grow, making them a popular choice for gardeners of all experience levels. Irises are known for their stunning and diverse array of colors and patterns, which can add a vibrant and elegant touch to any garden. Iris bulbs can also be grown in various climates, depending on the specific variety, and they are typically low-maintenance plants that require minimal attention once established.

For more information on growing and caring for Irises, check out our in-depth guide to learn more: How To Plant, Grow and Care For Irises.
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