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Cinnamon Fern (Osmunda cinnamonea)

Cinnamon Fern (Osmunda cinnamonea)

Showy perennial features handsome, deep green, waxy fronds that add color and texture to the garden and cut-flower arrangements. Separate, spore-bearing, stiff fronds in the plant's center add to its appeal. Cinnamon Fern (Osmunda cinnamonea) grows 24-36" tall, but can grow taller with constant moisture. An easy-care, native perennial, Cinnamon Fern thrives in either wet, swampy areas or dry, shady spots. It's ideal for shade gardens, woodlands and native plant gardens. Rarely bothered by insect pests or disease, it's one of the easiest shade perennials to grow. Deer tend to avoid.

Botanical Name: Osmunda cinnamomea

Product Details

Growing Tips

  • Planting Instructions:

    Soak roots before planting. Loosen soil well. Plant with eyes just below soil level and water well after planting.
  • Soil Moisture:

    Prefers moist conditions, but also grows well in average garden soil as long as it is not allowed to dry out during spring and summer.
  • Will Tolerate:

    Acidic Soil, Clay Soil, Loamy Soil, Sandy Soil
  • Pruning Instructions:

  • Winter Care:

    Not needed
  • Planting Depth:

    Plant with eyes (sprouts) just below soil level.
  • Watering Requirements:

    Prefers moist soil. Do not let soil dry out
  • Fertilization Requirements:

    Provide enough organic matter.
  • Special Care:

    Not needed

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