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Sun Perennials
 Blanket Flowers
 Blazing Stars
 Butterfly Plants
|cat: Single Coneflowers
|cat: Double Coneflowers
|cat: Collections & Mixes
/images/fldr_line.gif\" id=\"catimg\" />"}  Coreopsis
 German Iris
 Oriental Poppies
|cat: Tree Peonies
|cat: Deluxe Peonies
|cat: Peony Collections and Mixes
|cat: Double Peony
|cat: Itoh Peonies
/images/fldr_line.gif\" id=\"catimg\" />"}  Phlox
|cat: Hardy Garden Phlox
|cat: Low Growing Border Phlox
|cat: Collections & Mixes
/images/fldr_line.gif\" id=\"catimg\" />"}  Prairie Mallows
 Other Sun Plants
 Collections & Mixes
Shade Perennials
 Bleeding Hearts
 Jack in the Pulpit
 Lily of the Valley
 Toad Lilies
 Other Shade Plants
 Collections & Mixes
Flower Bulbs
|cat: Double Hanging Basket
|cat: Giant Camellia
|cat: Non-Stop
|cat: Collections & Mixes
/images/fldr_line.gif\" id=\"catimg\" />"}  Brodiaea
 Calla Lilies
|cat: Dwarf Cannas
|cat: Tall Cannas
|cat: Collections & Mixes
/images/fldr_line.gif\" id=\"catimg\" />"}  Crocosmia
|cat: Snow Crocus
|cat: Giant Crocus
|cat: Species Crocus
/images/fldr_line.gif\" id=\"catimg\" />"}  Daffodils
|cat: Cyclamineus
|cat: Double
|cat: Jonquilla
|cat: Large Cup
|cat: Naturalizing
|cat: Small Cup
|cat: Split Cup
|cat: Tazetta
|cat: Triandrus
|cat: Trumpet
|cat: Bushel Baskets
|cat: Collections and Mixes
/images/fldr_line.gif\" id=\"catimg\" />"}  Dahlias
|cat: Border Dahlias
|cat: Cactus Dahlias
|cat: Decorative Dahlias
|cat: Dinner Plate Dahlias
|cat: Karma Dahlias
|cat: Collections & Mixes
/images/fldr_line.gif\" id=\"catimg\" />"}  Dutch Iris
 Elephant Ears
|cat: Gladiolus
|cat: Glamini
|cat: Collections & Mixes
/images/fldr_line.gif\" id=\"catimg\" />"}  Hyacinths
|cat: Asiatic Lilies
|cat: Double Oriental Lilies
|cat: Foxtail Lily
|cat: Giant Hybrid Lilies
|cat: Heirloom Lilies
|cat: Oriental Lilies
|cat: Tiger Lilies
|cat: Trumpet Lilies
|cat: Other Lilies
|cat: Collections & Mixes
/images/fldr_line.gif\" id=\"catimg\" />"}  Muscari
|cat: Bouquet
|cat: Darwin Hybrid Tulip
|cat: Double Flowering
|cat: Fringed Tulips
|cat: Greigii
|cat: Kaufmanniana
|cat: Mayflowering
|cat: Parrot Tulips
|cat: Single Flowering
|cat: Triumph Tulip
|cat: Collections and Mixes
/images/fldr_line.gif\" id=\"catimg\" />"}  Other Flower Bulbs
 Collections & Mixes
 Elephant Ears
 Collections & Mixes
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 Ornamental Grasses
 Elephant Ears
 Calla Lilies
 Other Perennials
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