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Romeo Dwarf Cherry

Romeo Dwarf Cherry

Blooming cherry blossoms deliver a brilliant color show in the springtime, but creating that look, when you have limited space, is a challenge. The Romeo Dwarf Cherry Tree is a great solution for smaller spaces. Growing just 6-8 ft. tall with a 5-7 ft. spread, this tree can be planted as a hedge or in groups throughout the landscape. It blooms in the springtime and produces full-sized, deep crimson fruits with a sweet-tart flavor and a high flesh-to-pit ratio. Best of all, these small trees are easy care and very cold hardy—handling winter temperatures as cold as -40 degrees Fahrenheit. Zones 2-7

Botanical Name: Prunus fruticosa x prunus cerasus 'Romeo'

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Growing Tips

  • Soil Moisture :

    Well-drained, organic, sandy soil.
  • Pruning Instructions :

    Prune damaged, diseased, and dead limbs. Limbs that grow inward toward the center of the tree. About third of the new growth (from that year) annually, while trees are dormant. Prune in early Spring before the bush breaks dormancy. Cherry buds are either vegetative or floral. Usually the end bud and thin side buds are vegetative and most of the larger buds are floral. When pruning, do not cut off tips of branches because you might be removing the vegetative buds and will have nothing to make new shoots.
  • Planting Depth :

    Plant so that the roots are below soil level.

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