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Shima-nishiki Tree Peony

SKU: 87537
Common Name: Tree Peonies
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"Fire Flame". This rare two-toned beauty has immense red and white double flowers... a connoisseur's treasure. They grow 4-5' tall and make ideal specimen plants.

Huge, ruffled, satin-like flowers, super hardy! Rare, colorful Imperial Tree Peonies from Japan – The Finest Quality Available! There was a time, many years ago in ancient China, when the only person who could own a Tree Peony was the Emperor himself. We're not sure what the penalty was for infringing on this law, but it couldn't have been pleasant. Fortunately for us, Tree Peonies are now slightly more available.

There are very few plants that can compete with a Tree Peony in full bloom. They flower from May to June, but the flowering season does vary from year to year. A mature plant can have in excess of a hundred flowers, and these can be 10" or more across! The flowers range in color from maroon, crimson, scarlet and various shades of pink to pure white. There are also Tree Peonies with yellow or purple flowers.

The Chinese refer to the Tree Peony as the 'Moutan'. This has been variously translated but probably means 'The Emperor Flower'. While the Tree Peony originated in China, it had found its way to Japan by the 8th Century AD.

Japanese Tree Peonies tend to have fewer double flowers than their Chinese peers. The flowers are more open and delicate than their Chinese counterparts. As one of the largest importers of Tree Peonies in the U.S., we select only the finest, top-quality and extra-hardy year-old plants. Growing only 4-5' tall, these exceptional Tree Peonies are sub-zero hardy and bloom for a lifetime.

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