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Garden Guide

Our full color Garden Guide is included with every order. You will find complete planting information on all of the products we carry in our catalog, as well as many other helpful hints and information about planting bulbs and perennials.

Important on Arrival
We are often asked questions about the proper storage of the plant material we offer.

Steps to Success
Help and tips for growing and maintaining some of our more stubborn varieties.

Bulb & Root Types
What do the different types of bulb & root systems mean?

Where to Plant
The most important rule when planting is to choose an area that is well-drained.

Hardy Plants are those that can be left in the ground safely all year even where frost penetrates deeply into the soil.

Download our comprehensive fifty six page Garden Guide in PDF format (valued at $5.95) for off-line reading.

Download our comprehensive twenty page Waterplant Garden Guide in PDF format.


Garden Guide

Bulbs and Tubers

No other types of plants will give the gardener more beauty, or a wider range of variety, color and flowering times than flowering bulbs.

Garden Guide


Shade loving perennials. Ferns need moisture and protection from direct rays of the sun to thrive.

Garden Guide

Fruits and Vegetables

There is nothing more rewarding than growing your own fruits and vegetables and eating the fruits of your labor.

Garden Guide

Indoor (forced) Bulbs

Forcing bulbs indoors is a process by which you get the bulbs to flower earlier than they would if planted in the garden.

Garden Guide


Perennials are among the most rewarding of all garden plants. They have long been considered the backbone of the flower garden.

Garden Guide

Roses, Shrubs and Vines

Potted or bare-root shrubs and vines can be planted as soon as you can work the soil in early spring.