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Garden Guide Bulbs and Tubers


Brimeura amethystina

(Alpine Hyacinth) Plant the bulbs in the fall 1-2" deep and 4-5" apart in humus rich, well-drained soil in sun to light shade. Apply a layer of mulch to prevent frost heaving and to conserve moisture. The small bulbs make the best display when several are grouped in an area, planted closely together and left undisturbed to naturalize. Reseeds readily. May be forced. See Forcing Bulbs in the Home instructions. Grows 6-12" tall and 8-12" wide. Blooms May-June. Hardy in zones 4-10.


(Triplet Lily) Select a sunny location with sandy, dry, well-drained soil. Plant the corms 4" deep and 3–5" apart. Mulch heavily in zones 5-7 for winter protection. In colder areas, dig and store over the winter. Hardy in zones 5-8 with a heavy mulch.


For maximum performance start bulbs indoors about 6 weeks before the last frost date. Start in flats or individual pots. Plant about 1" deep in damp peat moss or vermiculite. Space 3". Water well and keep in a very warm area. Transplant outdoors when all danger of frost has passed and the soil has warmed. Outdoors, plant 1" deep and about 10" apart. Grow in full to partial shade. Water frequently and fertilize once a month. Caladiums are highly recommended for container gardening. Grows 12-18" tall. Caladiums are winter hardy only in zones 10 and 11. In other areas, they must be dug and stored indoors for the winter.

Calla Lily

(Calla Lily) In frost-free areas, grow calla lilies in a moist, sunny to semi-shady location with soil that has been amended with a lot of organic matter. Plant the rhizomes 4" deep and 12-24" apart. Water liberally and feed monthly during the growing season. After the flowers fade, reduce the amount of water. In areas where Callas are not hardy, allow the plants to dry out. Dig the rhizomes and store in dry material for the winter. Grows 15-18" tall. Blooms June-July. Hardy in zones 9-11. Indoor Culture: Plant one rhizome 1-2" deep in a 6" pot filled with good potting soil. Water lightly and keep in a cool, shaded spot until growth begins. Then move to a sunny window where it can get at least 4 hours of sun a day. Water regularly and fertilize biweekly. Callas thrive in cool temperatures and high humidity. Rest the bulbs for three months after the foliage dies back but do not transplant out of the pot until necessary.

Calochortus venustrus

(Mariposa Lily) In the fall, plant the bulbs 2" deep and 4-6" apart in well- drained soil in a sunny location. In colder regions, mulch heavily after the ground freezes to prevent frost heaving. They need a dry, warm period after flowering for foliage to ripen. If necessary, lift the bulbs in late summer and replant in the fall. Bulbs may also be grown in pots to overwinter in cold frames. Grow 25" tall. Blooms June- July. Hardy in zones 5-9.


Grow in full sun to partial shade. Camassias are tolerant of most soil types, including heavy, wet soil. Plant 4–5" deep and 6–8" apart. Keep well-watered dur- ing the growing season. Naturalizes well. Grows 12-18" tall. Blooms in May. Hardy in zones 4–8.


Start indoors about 4 weeks before outdoor planting. Lay the root horizontally in the potting soil about 1" below the surface. Plant outdoors after all danger of frost has passed and the soil has warmed. Space the plants 15–18" apart in moist, rich garden soil. Cannas love full sun and hot weather. Keep moist and fertilize at least once a month. Cannas can also be grown throughout the summer in containers. North of zone 7, dig and store the roots indoors over the winter. Hardy in zones 7-11.

Cape Lily

(Cape Lily) Plant in full to part sun in moist, well drained soil. Plant the bulb half out of the soil to avoid rot at the crown. Water liberally during the growing season (summer to early autumn), then encourage dormancy by allowing the soil to dry out between waterings until the foliage has died away. Then stop all watering and store the bulb indoors in a cool (not cold), dark, dry place when night temperatures drop below 50o F. Reinstigate growth in spring by starting to water them again. Height: 30-36”. Blooms summer/early fall. Hardy in zones: 9-10.

Cardiocrinum giganteum

(Giant Himalayan Lily) Plant the bulbs in the fall or early spring with the top of the bulb at the soil line and 5-6' apart in humus rich, deeply dug soil in partially shaded location where they won’t dry out too much in summer. Mulch heavily in cold regions after planting. Bulbs die after blooming, but produce bulblets, which will flower in 3-4 years. Plant bulbs of different sizes each year to ensure blooms. Plants may need staking. Grows 3-5' tall and 1-2' wide. Blooms July-August. Hardy in zones 5-10.

Chasmanthe floribunda

In the spring after the last frost, plant the corms 3" deep and 36" apart in sandy soil in full to partial sun. In cold regions, they are best planted in 8-10" containers and moved outside after all threat of frost has passed. Then prior to the first fall frost, repot and move inside. Divide corms every 2-3 years and replant in sandy soil. Grow 34-40" tall and 36" wide. Blooms July-August. Hardy in zones 9-10.

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